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  • Victoria Miller

BREAKING: POTUS in Philly on Tuesday!

Happy Sunday, Activists!

Pardon the weekend intrusion, but this is big! In case you missed it, the White House announced on Friday that President Biden will be in Philadelphia this Tuesday to deliver a speech on voting rights. More details are not in yet.

We don’t know the location.

We don’t know the time.

But we do know one thing – this is an opportunity for us to let him know how we feel about the For the People Act and that we insist it get passed. And that we want to see POTUS pushing as hard as he can for its passage.

BUT FIRSTEzra Levin will meet with us on Zoom TONIGHT AT 6:00 PM to explain all the background and Indivisible’s ideas. BE THERE! Here is the registration link for the meeting. To keep the meeting secure, please do not share your link to join the meeting. This is a special one, so please try to attend.

NEXT– Sign up for the Tuesday event even though it’s not in detail yet. Then you’ll get all the updates as we know them. Sign up here. And if you still have your signs from the June 30 rally, get 'em ready!

This is a big moment for us to continue to push the For the People Act. This is the bill to save our democracy and as you know, time is of the essence to get it passed. The rest of Biden’s agenda won’t matter without it. All the voter suppression laws passing in state legislatures around the country will ensure democrats lose their majorities unless this legislation puts an end to all of that.

If we don’t push President Biden to get it done, he won’t realize how much it matters to us and that he must get in the game more than he has. As Indivisible said in its press release about his Philadelphia visit: "Tuesday’s speech is a starting point — but alone, it’s insufficient. Ultimately, this is not a job for one speech. Clinton didn’t give one speech to try to pass NAFTA — he gave 18. Trump didn’t give one speech to try to get tax cuts for his wealthy donors — he gave a dozen.” To put it bluntly, anything less will not get the job done here either. Let’s make sure POTUS knows we are watching!

So sign up for tonight’s zoom meeting with Ezra Levin. Here is the registration link for the meeting.

Then sign up for Tuesday’s event so you get all the updates about time and location. Sign up here.

See you tonight!

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