Know Your Legislators

To be an effective advocate for change, one of the most important things to know is who represents you -- on the national, state, and local level! Our elected officials work for us, and should hear from you about how you feel about important issues. 

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US Senate

Every Pennsylvanian is represented by two US Senators. We can generally count on Senator Casey to support a progressive agenda, and we shouldn't forget to say thanks. And just because Toomey won't change his mind doesn't mean we shouldn't keep the pressure on!

Senator Bob Casey (D)


Finance; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry



DC: 202-244-6324

Phila: 215-405-9660

Senator Pat Toomey (R)


Finance; Budget; Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs



DC: 202-244-4254

Phila: 215-241-1090


US House

Not sure what congressional district you’re in? Find your Representative here based on your zip code, or check out detailed maps of the districts in Philly here. Three congressional districts (2nd, 3rd, and 5th) cover parts of Philly. If you're in the 4th or 6th districts (in Chester and Montgomery County), connect with a local Indivisible chapter in those areas.  

Rep. Brendan Boyle (D) (2nd District)


Foreign Affairs, Budget



DC: 202-225-6111

Phila: 215-426-4616

Local office: 2630 Memphis St., Philadelphia, PA 19125

Rep. Dwight Evans (D) (3rd District)


Small Business, Ways and Means



DC: 202-225-4001

Phila: 215-276-0340

Local office: 7174 Ogontz Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19138

Rep. Mary-Gay Scanlon (D) (5th District)


Judiciary, Rules



DC: 202-225-2011

East Landsdowne: 610-626-1913

Local office: 927 East Baltimore Ave., East Landsowne, PA 19050


PA Senate

While we will be working hard for the national elections, the people who represent us in Harrisburg have so much impact on our daily lives. If you don’t know who your state senator is, find out using the great Elected Officials & Districts Tool, or check out this map of the PA Senatorial Districts in Philadelphia. You can also search for your legislator and upcoming legislation here. Here's a quick cheat sheet of the PA Senators in Philly districts:

District 1: Lawrence A. Farnese Jr.

District 2: Christine M. Tartaglione

District 3: Sharif Street

District 4: Art Haywood

District 5: John P. Sabatina, Jr.

District 7: Vincent J. Hughes

District 8: Anthony H. Williams

PA House

Check out this map of the PA Congressional Districts in Philadelphia. You can search for your legislator and upcoming legislation here. Here’s a cheat sheet of the PA Representatives in Philly districts:

District 152: Thomas E. Murt

District 170: Martina A. White

District 172: Kevin J. Doyle

District 173: Michael J. Driscoll

District 174: Ed Neilson

District 175: MaryLouise Isaacson

District 177: Joseph A. Hohenstein

District 179: Jason Dawkins

District 180: Angel Cruz

District 181: Malcolm Kenyatta

District 182: Brian Sims

District 184: Elizabeth Fiedler

District 185: Maria P. Donatucci

District 186: Jordan A. Harris

District 188: James R. Roebuck, Jr.

District 191: Joanna E. McClinton

District 192: Morgan Cephas

District 194: Pamela A. Delissio

District 195: Donna Bullock

District 197: Danilo Burgos

District 198: Rosita C. Youngblood

District 200: Christopher M. Rabb

District 201: Stephen Kinsey

District 202: Jared G. Solomon

District 203: Isabella V. Fitzgerald

City Government


Advocacy with our elected representatives in the city of Philadelphia is more important than ever - the Mayor and City Council make significant budgetary and policy decisions that deeply affect our everyday lives. The seventeen-person City Council is made up of 7 at-large Councilpersons, who represent all Philadelphia residents; 10 Councilpersons represent specific districts. Not sure what district you're in? Find it here


Jim Kenney



Phone: 215-686-2181

City Council

District 1: Mark Squilla:, 215-686-3458
District 2: Kenyatta Johnson:, 215-686-3412
District 3: Jamie Gautier:, 215-686-0459
District 4: Curtis Jones, Jr. (Majority Whip):, 215-686-3416

District 5: Darrell Clarke (Council President):, 215-686-3412
District 6: Bobby Henon:, 215-686-3444
District 7: Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez:, 215-686-3448
District 8: Cindy Bass:, 215-686-3424

District 9: Cherelle Parker:, 215-686-3454
District 10: Brian O'Neill: brian.o', 215-686-3422



Kendra Brooks:, 215-686-0461
Allan Domb:, 215-686-3414

Derek Green:, 215-686-3450
Katherine Gilmore Richardson:, 215-686-0454,

Helen Gym:, 215-686-3420
David Oh (R):, 215-686-3452

Isaiah Thomas:, 215-686-344