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  • Victoria Miller

54 Versus 35

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Good morning, Activists!

54 yays to 35 nays. That was the vote in the Senate on Friday to kill the bill to establish a January 6th Commission. Of course we know that the 54 didn’t beat the 35. Oh no, the 54 votes LOST to the 35 votes. All because the filibuster requires 60 yay votes for passage. This is not sane.

And to make it a little more insane, the 54 senators who voted "yay" represent 87 million more Americans than the 35 GOP senators who blocked it.

We know you're worried about what’s going to happen to all the good legislation piling up, waiting for the senate to pass it. Imagine if you could tell one of our federal lawmakers directly about your frustration.

You’re in luck! Tomorrow at 6:30 pm we are meeting with Congressman Brendan Boyle and you can tell him how you feel about the bills going through Congress. He’ll take your messages back to the rest of the Dems. Sign up here.

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