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Channeling Your Impeachment Anger

Good morning, Activists!

We know there was a lot of anxiety about last week’s impeachment trial. Lots of anxiety; about whether witnesses should have been called, whether the House Managers should have been more aggressive, or whatever. They put on a heck of a case in a very short time and everyone saw the horrifying scenes from January 6 – and who was at fault for causing those scenes. The votes would not have changed regardless, because 43 despicable Senators – who voted after the attack not to certify the election results – were not about to vote to acquit, even though they know he is guilty.

However you feel about how it went, at least now we are more convinced than ever of what we need to do. We need to channel all of our feelings – our rage, sadness, fear, and on and on – into action. First up is action to save and strengthen our democracy. And at the same time we need to ensure that we hold the House and Senate in 2022. We have plans for all of that, and fortunately, we’re all in this together!


Sen. Toomey – Phila office 215-241-1090; D.C. 202-224-4254; email link

Sen. Casey – Phila office 215-405-9660; D.C. 202-224-6324; email link

For outside PA – Find your Senators’ phone numbers and emails at this link.

Call our Senators and insist they vote for H.R. 1 / S.1 – the For The People Act. Senator Casey has not committed to voting for S.1 yet, this groundbreaking, massively important legislation, yet so let’s let him know this week that we want him to commit. And of course we want to tell Sen. Toomey he must vote for it. You can read all about H.R.1 / S.1 in our recent newsletter here and in this report from the Brennan Center.

OUR NEXT MEETING – We’ve Got Plans for 2021 and 2022

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 3, at 7:00 pm. We’ll recap what we accomplished last year and roll out our exciting plans for 2021 and 2022, including activities for important elections both years. We need to start getting ready now. We’ll review the results of our big postcard project, the data on the election results, and then the plan to go bigger and bolder to Get. More. Done.

MARCH 25 MEETING – Meet the District Attorney Candidates

On Thursday, March 25, at 7:00 pm, we are holding a forum with the two current Democratic candidates for Philadelphia DA – incumbent Larry Krasner and challenger Carlos Vega. We’ll hear from each candidate separately and pose questions to each. This forum is sure to help you decide how to vote in the important May 18 primary election!


If you weren't able to make our recent meeting on judicial gerrymandering, check out a recap here, with all the details and links to the presentations; you can also watch a full recording of the meeting here. While it seems this issue will NOT be on the May primary ballot, it can still be on the ballots later this year or next year, so be informed and stay vigilant!

Learn about Redistricting and Gerrymandering – Fair Districts PA is holding a Town Hall today at 4:00 pm. It addresses the upcoming redistricting process following the Census. The danger here is “regular” gerrymandering that the state legislature will do to keep their seats. Learn all about it at this meeting. Sign up here


Yes, that’s right. We figure that by now your writing hands have recovered from our huge postcard project last year and you’re itching to get started again to get out more voters. We’re connecting with groups engaged in helping specific campaigns and we’ll get you the info very soon. We’ll set up our regular Zoom events again too to write the cards “together.” And of course you can write on your own too! Yay! It’ll be great to be with you all again!

There’s still time to Speak your mind & tell the City what you want to see in the next budget! From the City Budget Office:

“On April 15, 2021, Mayor Kenney will propose a budget to City Council for the coming year. Due to COVID-19, the City is facing difficult budget choices this year. We have less resources than in the past but know that Philadelphians have more needs than ever before. Before the City finishes drafting the budget, we want to hear from Philadelphians like you on how the City should focus its spending.” Click here to go to the survey.

And don’t forget to sign up again for Mail-In Voting

Did you sign up to vote by mail last year? You will need to renew your application again for this year’s elections, even if you signed up to be on the “permanent” list. Turns out you are not signed up forever and ever; you’re signed up annually. And it’s time to do it again for this year’s elections.

You can sign up on the state website here. Or you can fill out the paper application you should have received in the mail.

And as always, we miss being together in person with you, and we know everyone is really, really, really tired of this. But until we can be together again, remember to . . . .

Stay safe. Wear a mask. Keep a distance. Be kind.

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