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  • Victoria Miller

Georgia Cards Are Gone!

Happy Monday, Activists!

We asked you to pitch in for Georgia less than a week ago. And what did you do? You showed up again and again!! All 34,000 of our postcards for the Georgia runoff election are gone! So we have stopped taking orders for the postcards. Make no mistake, you are amazing!!

For those of you who have written and signed up, we'll have the postcard packets ready to send out shortly. So stayed tuned for an email from our No Excuses email account coming to you individually tomorrow or the next day.

We'll have phone banking and text banking opportunities for the Georgia races coming

soon. They are critically important, and we know you'll show the same enthusiasm for those as well. Also, we want to say a huge thank you to all of you who chipped in a bit extra to help those who were less able to fund the postcard costs. We are grateful every single day for the kindness, generosity, and enthusiasm you all show. We have to pause on a regular basis to appreciate the latest caring email one of you has sent our way. You are an amazing group to work with. Ok that's it for now. We'll be in touch soon! And remember . . .

Stay safe. Wear a mask. Keep a distance. Be kind.

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