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HAPPY 4TH! Pics From Freedom To Read Rally

Happy July 4th, you amazing Activists! We hope you're having a fantastic, long holiday weekend, celebrating our nation's founding. Her's a quick look at Friday's Freedom To Read Rally and March. Enjoy!

RECAP OF OUR FREEDOM TO READ RALLY + MARCH As you know, we held our Freedom To Read rally on Friday. We have the video for you here and photos below. So many of you came out and brought your energy on a hot day to show the "MAGA Moms" that we will not tolerate their hatred, their lies and their targeting of marginalized communities merely for who they are. We stood up for our freedoms -- The freedom for our students to learn. The freedom to read. The freedom to fully understand our country's history. The freedom to learn about the world and people who are different than we are. That’s what libraries and schools do, and that’s what makes a strong democracy. It was wonderful to see you all! Enjoy your holiday and we'll see you again soon!

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