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Happy Wednesday Activists! We hope you're having a good week so far! Today we have a shorter newsletter focused an exciting topic – POSTCARDS! You all participate in our government just as President Jefferson advised, and you show up and fight for a better democracy! Let's keep pushing now for a good turnout in this year's November 8th elections. We have statewide judicial races this November that are critical for keeping our democracy in Pennsylvania. And of course we're facing the 2024 election cycle. Now is the time to get ready!

POSTCARDS!! Register to Vote Postcards! We are writing to voters who have recently moved to Philadelphia. Some moved from out of state, some moved within PA, and some moved within Philadelphia. These voters (Non-Republicans) are registered to vote at their previous address but not at their new Philadelphia address, and we want to encourage them to do it, with information on registering and signing up to vote by mail. We ask that you write them over the summer and hold onto them. You should wait to mail them until September 26th -- in time to register for the November election. So please order the number you think you can write over the summer so we can keep repeat deliveries to a minimum. Thanks! ALSO, if you can, order your postcard stamps right away because the postcard stamp price is going up next Sunday, July 9th. Order them here. Why Voter Registration Cards? Because they work! You may recall that in 2020 we wrote voter registration postcards to addresses where there was no registered voter. Afterward, we did the analysis and found that in 5.7% of the households we wrote to, the resident registered to vote. AND, of those newly registered voters, a truly whopping 88% voted! And as usual, you will relieve your anxiety when you write these cards! Our PA Supreme Court will no doubt play a role in next year's elections, as in 2020. We need to make sure we have judges that will uphold our democracy, so we need to turn out the vote in this year's Supreme Court race. Here's how to sign up: 1. Email us here to tell us you want to write postcards. Tell us how many you want to write and give us your address (if you're new to our postcard projects). 2. Donate here to our Act Blue account for the cards. 3. Use this link to buy your postcard stamps or go to your local post office.


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