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So. Much. Winning.

Happy Monday, Activists! We hope you had a great weekend. Now that the numbers are in, we thought it would be worthwhile to list the ton of wins from last Tuesday's elections. Why? Because we all need to see the results of our hard work -- registering voters, writing postcards, canvassing, texting, phone banking -- and the hard work of activists around the country. And we need to take a well-deserved bow in celebration. (You can bow now. ) So here's our list. You may know more, but this is what we have gathered.

PENNSYLVANIA COURTS We have talked about the importance of the PA Supreme Court race, to uphold our freedoms and voting rights. But the Commonwealth Court and the Superior Court are very important too and we worked hard to show Philadelphia voters these precise points. So it's a thrill to see ALL FOUR judicial positions that were up were won by Democrats! That gives us a 5-2 Democratic majority on the Supreme Court!

PA SCOOL BOARD RACES We raised the issue of the super conservative and corrupt school board members - as part of the Moms For Liberty group -- in a couple of Bucks County school districts. Well election fans, you'll be happy to know that they were booted out on Tuesday! In the Central Bucks School District, Democrats won all five seats up for grabs on the school board. Democrats in Centre County won all races for five seats on the State College Area School Board. The Camp Hill School District Democratic candidates defeated two Republicans candidates who were endorsed by Take Back Our Schools, another conservative group that says it's fighting the "woke agenda." In the Carlisle Area School Board races, in Cumberland County, five Democrats defeated five GOP challengers. The Central York school board race flipped several seats. Pittsburgh voters reelected Democrat First Vice President to the Pittsburgh Public Schools Board of Directors, while also electing three new Democratic members to the board. Of course it was not all Democratic wins across the Commonwealth, such as other parts of Cumberland County and the Harrisburg area and more, so there is more work to be done next time. AND we need to stay vigilant so we don't slide backward after these wins.

OTHER STATES VIRGINIA Democrats held the state Senate and flipped the state House of Delegates! Most commentators are saying that the loses by the Republican candidates endorsed by Governor Youngkin, have dashed his chances of running for president next year. We'll take it! In school board news, just one of the six candidates endorsed by Moms for Liberty won her race. And for one example, in Loudoun County, which became ground zero for much of the Moms for Liberty attacks on the district's policies on transgender students, critical race theory and other issues, the Democratic-endorsed candidates won in six of the nine school board races. Three of the four candidates backed by Moms for Liberty were defeated. Dems now hold a six-seat majority! OHIO Of course the headline news in Ohio is that voters have enshrined abortion access rights in the state Constitution. Woo-hoo! And they voted to legalize marijuana for good measure! And for more good news, there are good signs in local school board races too. The national Moms for Liberty supported 25 candidates across Ohio and only five won. Here are some specifics: In Stark County, which is in eastern Ohio, just one of nine candidates backed by Moms for Liberty was elected. The single successful candidate was an incumbent. In the Cincinnati area, there were Democratic wins for four of eight school board candidates. Two endorsed by Moms for Liberty and two others backed by the conservative group Ohio Value Voters were elected. In the Columbus area, several conservatives ran on culture war promises, including keeping transgender girls off girls’ sports teams, protecting parents’ rights, limiting diversity and inclusion efforts and curtailing sex education. Eight out of 10 of them lost. NEW JERSEY Nineteen candidates were endorsed for school boards in New Jersey, but only four won. IOWA In school board races in the Des Moines and Cedar Rapids metro areas Tuesday night, 92 percent of the Moms For Liberty endorsed candidates lost. Only one candidate backed by the group won a seat in the Interstate 35 School District. In all, Moms for Liberty backed 14 candidates in Iowa, but only one was successful. OTHER STATES Every single candidate endorsed by Moms for Liberty in Minnesota, Kansas, North Carolina and Washington lost their race.

AND HERE'S A GOOD WRAP-UP And finally, the amazing Sarah Dohl at Indivisible put together a comprehensive spreadsheet of results for candidates endorsed be the national Moms for Liberty. Check it out here!

35 DOORS PROJECT! Talk to voters in your neighborhood to get out the vote. This is some of the most important work you can do - and it's fun! Check out our 35 Doors Project on our website page! Email us here for more info. We'll give you the training and all the materials you'll need. Vicki will tell you all about it!

And One More Thing: Share our social media pages to make sure you and everyone you know is updated on our projects for this year’s critical elections. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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