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  • Victoria Miller

Talk to Philly Voters with Postcards

Good morning, Activists! We hope you enjoyed the first day of Spring yesterday! Today we announce a new postcard script, with a special focus on the Primary Election. Just this year, you, our wonderful postcard writers, have signed up to write to over 32,000 Philadelphia voters -- so far! As you know, we are writing to 90,000 "High Potential" Philadelphia voters (non-Republicans). They don’t normally vote in midterm elections, and we want to persuade them to change their habit and vote this year. They are already voters; they just need to do it more often! What’s Next? The May 17 Primary! Details about the Primary were undecided for a long time, but now we know for sure that the date is May 17 and that we can still vote by mail. So we have adjusted our script accordingly to focus on the primary for the next round of postcards. The script is very short, so it won't take much time to write these postcards. This set will need to be mailed by May 5, so please order the number that you think you can write by then. Why Focus on the Primary? Research shows that voting begets more voting. So people who vote in the Primary are more likely to vote in November. As you know, turning out Philly voters during this year’s elections will have a huge impact on saving democracy in Pennsylvania. And writing these postcards is where you come in! One more benefit of our postcards? You'll lower your anxiety with your pen! Want to get involved? Read here to find out more about how to sign up and get your postcards.

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