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  • Victoria Miller

We Had a Great Year

Happy Holidays, Activists!

We had a great 2019 because of your hard work.  And together we’ll have an even better year in 2020. In 2019 we met with our elected officials to tell them the issues that are important to us; wrote to over 9,000 voters to remind them to check their voter registration status and to vote for progressive candidates; registered numerous voters; and

knocked hundreds of doors to get voters to the polls. We came together in rallies and held a forum with our House Members to ask questions and raise issues. We educated ourselves in meetings and called and wrote, and called and wrote again, to our representatives, to tell them - over and over again - what they need to vote for and vote against.  In short, WE SHOWED UP.

This was just the warm-up for 2020.  We’ll be starting soon with more and more actions to get progressive candidates elected and rid ourselves of the Trump agenda.

But we need YOU to make our success.  Even if you only have 1 hour per month, we have things for you to do. We will find productive uses for your time so you can take meaningful and effective action, no matter how much time you can give. Remember, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught, nobody has to do it all.  But if each of us does something it will all get done. 

So stay tuned.  And tell a friend.

Here’s the wrap-up of the 2019 wins by the campaigns we supported:

1.  Delaware County – Delco saw our biggest effort and had huge wins. We wrote over 1,300 postcards to Delaware County Democrats, and more cards for individual candidates.  We canvassed too, knocking nearly 400 doors.   Democrats won across the board and took control of County government for the first time since the Civil War!

2.  Bucks County – As in Delco these were municipal and county races.  We prepared and mailed 800 letters to Bucks County voters and Democrats won resoundingly across the board!

3.  Whitpain Township – We wrote 1,000 postcards to Whitpain voters and those candidates won!

4.  Kentucky – The home of which miserable Senator?  Say it with me – Moscow Mitch!  We wrote to over 1,000 Kentucky voters reminding them to get out and vote in 2019.  And they did – they unseated the Republican governor and elected the Democrat, Andy Beshear.  This showed Kentucky Democratic voters that when we show up we win!  And we CAN unseat that miserable senator in 2020.

5.  Virginia – Oh wow, did Virginia go big. We wrote cards to nearly 800 Virginia voters and Democrats took over both houses of the state legislature.  We wrote some of the cards for Dan Helmer specifically and he won too!  This will lead to a lot of progressive changes that Virginians want.

6.  Florida – We wrote to nearly 1,000 Florida voters to remind them to sign up for Vote By Mail.  Studies show that when voters vote by mail they vote at significantly higher rates than the normal polling place rate.  This will pay big dividends for 2020.  

We hope you all have a Happy New Year and we’ll see you in 2020!

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