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Climate Education-Action 


Climate Education-Action Resources (CLEAR) of Indivisible Philadelphia is a non-partisan group that creates presentations, facilitates conversations, and offers important resources to help citizens understand the climate crisis and take effective action to combat it.  

Why It Matters

Why It Matters

For much of the public there is not a clear understanding of the current climate change crisis.

There is an urgent need to link education to effective action—simply because many of the solutions are at hand, and we must all act now to implement them.

According to the thousands of scientists who worked on the 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change summary of climate findings, the world needs to cut CO2 emissions from human causes by 45% (from 2010 levels) by 2030, then reach net zero human-caused emissions by 2050, if we are to have a reasonable chance at limiting even more dangerous global warming than we are already experiencing.

Our members work with organizations focused on building sustainable and just solutions to reverse climate change, including the Sierra Club, The Climate Reality Project, Drawdown, and

Sustainable Energy


Climate Presentations are given by CLEAR members. You provide the group; we provide  presentations of different lengths, designed for different venues, interests, and age levels. In our commitment to reversing the climate crisis, we are happy to provide all of our services gratis. 

  • You can find a menu of our sample presentations here.

  • Curious about what to expect? Read SaraKay Smullens's great article on the impact of a presentation she attended.

  • We're also working on variety of custom presentations on specific topics that you can download and adapt for yourself, and slides and graphics you could use to prepare your own presentations. Stay tuned!

  • If you're interested in scheduling a presentation or learning more, email us at!



Looking to have a more casual conversation, or learn about how to facilitate better discussions with your own friends and family? We can help!

  • Conversations with Groups: We can provide trained facilitators to lead structured discussions in which people brainstorm together about the climate crisis. Learn more about our facilitators and how to host an event here.

  • Conversations with Individuals: Coming soon, we'll be preparing guidelines to help you have productive conversations with people at all levels of knowledge, intended to encourage them to think about and act to reverse climate change. 



Knowledge is power! We've assembled a great list of resources if you're interested in learning more about the climate crisis, looking for something for your book group, or hosting a watch party. We're always updating our list of recommendations for:


Actions for a Livable Climate

  1. VOTE every time. Until we remove the current roadblocks in office, nothing will get done. VOTE and get your friends and family to vote. 

  2. CALL / WRITE  your representatives to endorse a “carbon fee & dividend policy” now.

  3. BE a part of the solution 

    • Calculate your own carbon footprint                                              

    • Reduce direct use of fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal)

      • Personal transportation: Buy electric cars. Drive less, carpool, group errands, walk, use public transit, train/bus instead of fly. 

      • Conserve indoor temperatures: Every degree of AC or heat matters. Install a timer thermostat or manually regulate daily.

      • Switch your electric bill online to use a renewable source

    • Reduce indirect emissions of greenhouse gasses

      • Decrease meat intake to a minimum (animal agriculture produces 14.5% of all global greenhouse gasses). 

      • Purchase with care to cut the waste (replace disposables with reusables; simplify and save money)

  4. SHARE what you’re doing with family and friends. Knowledge is power.


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Are you interested in having a formal presentation or facilitated conversation at your church, community group, or club? Want to learn how to have better conversations with family and friends about climate change? Have any book recommendations to share to add to our list of resources? Email us!

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