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Canvassing Is Back!

Happy Tuesday, Activists!


We hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Today we have a personal story, if you will indulge me. 


Plus, if you saw any of Dr. David Nickerson's presentations, you know that we need to talk to voters to get them out to the polls.  The most recent one, on persuasion, is at this link.  (The video starts a little into the conversation.). And you know that the most effective method to get voters to go to the polls is canvassing.  We've got you covered!


Here's the personal story . . .


My son and his family are living in Mexico City for two years for his work.  On Monday, as you know, was the election of the first woman president in Mexico's history, Claudia Sheinbaum.  Very exciting! 

My daughter-in-law and my beloved granddaughter went to a small town and watched the election process.  She sent us a video and I want to share it with you for a bit of a joyful story, along with her description of how it all worked.  I hope this brings you a smile!


Here is her description.

"Voters wait in line to receive paper ballots.  They cast their votes on the ballot using a special pen inside the tents marked “the vote is free and secret” then drop the ballots into big plastic bins marked for each office. Then they stamp your thumb with semi permanent brown ink so you can’t return and vote again. At 6pm every vote is hand counted. This [pictured in the video] is a voting center at a typical local school in Valle de Bravo, Mexico."

You can watch the video here.  (Keep in mind there is no audio.)




The most effective method to get voters to vote is talking face to face -- canvassing.  We have scheduled our first canvass of the year on Saturday, June 22nd.  We'll be up in Oxford Circle again and meet for breakfast, which is on us!  These will be fact-finding conversations, to find out what's on voters' minds.  Simpe as that.  No trying to convince a MAGA voter to switch to a vote for Biden.  We just need to get Democrats out to vote!  


So if you want to canvass or you're not sure about canvassing, come to the training next Thursday and find out what it will involve.  See more below.

Canvassing -- 

When:  Saturday, June 22, 11:00 AM

Where:  Country Club Diner, 1717 Cottman Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19111




At this training you will learn our techniques for talking to voters this time around.  We'll be asking them what's on their minds and answering their questions.  We'll also tell them about the infrastructure projects that you've been writing postcards about!

Training -- 

Where:  Zoom

When:  Thursday, June 13 at 5:00 PM


Make More SCOTUS Calls


Our Call To Action last week was to call our senators and tell them you want to see accountability imposed on Supreme Court justices.  You can read it all here.  Some of the justices refuse to abide by even the most basic ethical and legal norms, norms that are required of all judges on the lower federal courts.  Luxury vacations, a free RV, fancy fishing trip among other billionaire gifts -- all to try to influence the Court's rulings.  What could go wrong. 


And they are showing their affinity for illegal MAGA actions, like the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol.  We need Senator Dick Durbin, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to call an investigation of these outrageous conflicts of interest.  


Here's your Call To Action:

Ask our senators to call on Senator Durbin and the Senate Judiciary Committee to do everything in their power to investigate Alito and the other corrupt MAGA justices. They must uncover the truth and hold these justices accountable. 

Make sure your senators are being vocal about the need for an investigation into Alito’s corruption.


See all the messaging ideas in last week's newsletter at this link.  


Here is the contact info:

Sen. Casey – Phila office 215-405-9660; D.C. 202-224-6324  email link.

Sen. Fetterman – Phila office 215-241-1090; D.C. 202-224-4254; email link

If you're outside PA:  Find your Senators’ phone numbers and emails at this link.


Register New Citizens At US Citizenship and Immigration Services 


The folks at PICC have started voter registration again at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  First there is a mandatory training online and you can sign up at this link.  Then you'll you'll be all set to sign up to register new citizens!  This is great work.




We are starting up our Cards And Coffee in-person postcard writing event.  We'll write postcards, drink some good coffee and have some good conversations.  


You can bring the postcards from our current campaign that you still have not finished up or we'll have some other postcards we can give you to write. 


When:  TOMORROW, June 5th at 11:00 AM

Where:  OCF Coffee Shop, 2100 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia


Voter Registration In Apartment Buildings


We are in the process of setting up voter registration drives in the lobbies of apartment buildings.   We would love some help making connections with building management, so if you live in an apartment building, let us know!  Let's talk about how you could help us ask the management of your building about setting up a simple drive in the lobby.  Email us at and let's talk!




You can sign up and help save democracy!   Join our 35 Doors Project and canvass to some doors right in your neighborhood. We give you everything you need for success!  You can reply to this newsletter to learn more. 


It's the very most effective and important work you can do to get voters to the polls.  And we have fun!  Reply to this newsletter or email us at and let's talk!


You can find more information about how this works in our earlier newsletter at this link.  


And One More Thing:

Share our social media pages to make sure you and everyone you know is updated on our projects for this year’s critical elections.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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