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Get Ready to Vote

Happy Tuesday, Activists!


The primary election is only a week away and we hope you are ready to vote - or have already voted with your mail-in ballot.  If not and you still need some information, see below!  And if you have friends or family who still need some information about the candidates or the elections in general, please send this newsletter to them.


And looking at this election and toward November, we have opportunities for you to contact voters to get them ready to vote.  Our intrepid Neighborhood Leaders are out there now, canvassing and writing postcards to their neighbors in our 35 Doors Project.  You can learn more here.  We will be gearing up for our regular canvassing very soon but in the meantime, below is an opportunity to canvass now.  Plus more opportunities!




Canvassing in Bucks County

Our friends at Swing Left are launching a canvass with Ashley Ehasz, Democratic challenger for the PA-01 House seat.  Let's help her flip that seat and get the voters to the polls!  

When:  Saturday, April 27 at noon

Where:  Private until you sign up


Voter Registration

Want to register college students? We know you do!  So here's your chance.  Next Gen is gearing up to register voters on college campuses. 

Click the signup link to see the various dates and times.

University of Pennsylvania - Sign up here.

Temple University - Sign up here 


Phone Banking

Join our friends at Turn PA Blue to call voters and help them correctly return their mail-in ballots.  This process can be tricky for some folks and sometimes they have questions about it.  We want to make sure their votes are counted!  

You have several dates to pick from, so click the signup link to see the options. 




Here is a whole lot of voting information for you.  Check it out for yourself and share with your friends and neighbors.  You'd be surprised how many voters will think this primary election is not important but are open to hearing about it.  Sharing your knowledge may get a voter to the polls!


We have three PA statewide races that are very important to our lives -- PA Attorney General, PA Auditor General and PA Treasurer.  By telling your friends, you'll be doing a big deal to get the vote out! 


The important deadline NOW -- 

Last day to sign up for a mail-in ballot -- TODAY BY 5:00! Do it here.  


Here are the Mail-in Ballot and Election Day tips --

1.  Election Day is Tuesday, April 23rd. Polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.  If you are in line by 8:00 you can still vote.  Find your polling place at this link.


2.  If you have signed up to vote by mail, you can check your ballot status at this link.


3.  Your voted Mail-in Ballot must be received by the Election Board by 8:00 pm on Election Day.  Again track the status of your application and ballot at this link.


4.  There's not enough time to reliably mail it by now. So drop it in a drop box.  Here is the list of drop boxes for Philadelphia.


5.  Find your polling place at this link. 


6.  More information is at or call these numbers– 877-868-3772 or 215-686-3469.


7.  Want to vote at the polls after receiving your mail-in ballot? You can!  Take it to the polls (with the envelopes) and they’ll take care of you. 


8.  If you have any problems at the polls at all, you can always vote on a provisional ballot. It will be counted. 




1.  Attorney General --  5 Democrats and 2 Republicans are running. Read about them here.

2.  Auditor General --  2 Democrats and 1 Republican are running.  Read about them here.

3.  Treasurer --  2 Democrats and 1 Republican are running.  Read about them here.

4.  And we have a ballot question -- Read about it here.


You can see more analysis on all of them in this Inquirer article.  Check it out here.

It has more information on the ballot question too (at the bottom of the article).




You're in luck!  If you would like to donate to Indivisible Philadelphia, now is a great time because Indivisible national is starting another matching grant program.  It begins today and runs through May 30th.


For every dollar donated, Indivisible will match it dollar for dollar up to $500. So if you were thinking of donating, now is a great time to do it!  It helps us fund our programs so we can all work to save democracy.  


As always, thank you for your overwhelming generosity and support!  


And One More Thing:

Share our social media pages to make sure you and everyone you know is updated on our projects for this year’s critical elections.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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