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It's Election Day!

Happy Tuesday, Activists ~ We hope your weekend was a good one. We know it was another hard few days of news, as we're faced with a white nationalist perpetrating a terror attack on a Black community in Buffalo, New York, at the Tops grocery store. It seems like this is a moment – again – when there are so many heartbreaking realities we must deal with. Let’s acknowledge all of that for a moment and we'll then turn our attention to the actions we know we can take to combat the radical right. We will get to all of that in tomorrow's newsletter. But today we want to give you election information that you can use and share now. Remember that at the end of the day, it all comes down to voting! We hope that each of you can get someone out to vote today who wasn't otherwise planning to. Below are your tools.

TODAY IS ELECTION DAY! VOTE + GET A FRIEND OUT TO VOTE! First, find all your election information at our handy link - Use it to find your polling place, read a sample ballot, and all the other information you need for election day. And pass it on! It's so easy to use and everyone can get their election questions answered. Watch these short, cool videos we collaborated on with Conrad Benner to hear from Philly voters about why they vote. Then share them with someone who might not intend to vote today! Watch this fantastic video by Conrad Benner that we collaborated on - "Why I Vote" Watch this second "Why I Vote" video that just warms our hearts. Here's the Philadelphia Citizen's fantastic article offering 18 Reasons To Vote today. Because we should be the ones to decide the future of our city, our state and our country, not people who would take away our voting rights. Share the article with a potential non-voter! Planning to vote in person but suddenly realize you're unable to because of an emergency? Adam Bonin, Philadelphia election lawyer, has the options for you. Share the details - Polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm Mail-in Ballot? Drop it off at City Hall or a drop box by 8:00 pm. Here's a map of drop boxes around Philly. And more details: Read about the ballot questions in our earlier newsletters here and here. Here's the Billy Penn Procrastinator’s Guide for more info.

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