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Let's Reduce Our Anxiety!

Happy Thursday, Activists! 


We hope you're having a good week.  This is a quick reminder to join us for our awesome meeting next Monday.  And you should be there.  Why?  We hear you and we know you're nervous about this November's elections.  We have the antidote to that anxiety.


You may have seen the latest New York Times/Siena poll on where the presidential race stands at the moment in the battleground states.  It confirms that we have our work cut out for us to win in November.  But guess what -- there is great research on how to get voters out to the polls.  And that reality is on our side, because once we learn the best techniques we know how to use them for success. 


We'll learn the latest research from one of the pre-eminent experts in the country.  Sound good?  You will see that this is all doable once you know how.  And pizza!  Sign up here.




Join us for this in-person meeting where our speaker will be Dr. David Nickerson, a distinguished Temple University professor.  His expertise is in testing and developing data to learn the most effective techniques to get out the vote and also how to persuade voters to your side.


We'll provide pizzas and beverages to begin the meeting and then introduce Dr. Nickerson.  Bring your questions!


When:  Monday, May 20th at 6:00 PM

Where:  Ethical Society, 1906 Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA 19103


And One More Thing:

Share our social media pages to make sure you and everyone you know is updated on our projects for this year’s critical elections.


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