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Happy Monday, Activists! 


Great news!  More postcards!  We are happy to announce the next phase of our postcard project, in which we are educating voters about the great results of their vote in 2020, starts now!


In this phase of this project we are focusing on how infrastructure funding is improving Philadelphia schools, slowing traffic to make our streets safer, and installing green spaces to absorb and filter groundwater to reduce flooding and keep our water clean.  In case you worry about the effectiveness of postcards to voters, check out this article listing the studies that show they work!


It's been a lot of work but we are able to put it all together thanks to Ann, Drew, Marcia, Susan, Tish, Ann, and the hard-working folks at Indivisible national.  So here we go!




From our research of the infrastructure projects in Philadelphia due to the two infrastructure laws, we have the exact projects happening in neighborhoods around the city.  We have selected the voters in any given area to tell them about the local improvements. 


Why is this our approach?  We know that Democrats passed laws with unprecedented funding for infrastructure and green energy.  We also know that most people have no idea that these were passed or what the funds are designed to do.  And we know that voters want to know what is being done to help them in their community and to improve their lives.  So we are going to tell them!


And for more proof that this is the right approach, a recent poll found that "only 13% of Americans are hearing a lot about the Inflation Reduction Act and a majority are hearing little or nothing. This is particularly problematic because when you describe the provisions of the bill, 71% of all voters, and 39% of Republicans support Biden’s signature legislative accomplishments."  So with these postcards you will be telling them!


And want proof of what these projects are doing to improve our lives?  Check out this article about about rain gardens and the 20-year study by Villanova that has the receipts!   


We are writing to non-Republican voters who do not vote very often.  After the postcards are mailed, we'll have a texting project to text the same voters with the same messaging.




1.  In the good news department, there is very little for you to write on these cards! Just the voter's name and address on the front of the card and just nine words on the back! 

So please order as many as you think you'll write when you fill out the form, to avoid repeat orders. 


2.  We have a new, streamlined process to order your postcards.  You simply fill out the form (link below) and give us all the information we need to fulfill your postcard request.  You will receive an email from us with all the instructions and your list of voters and addresses.  Then we'll deliver your postcards.


3.  Click here to order your postcards.  You'll then fill out the form and hit "submit". And that's it!


4.  We ask that you donate $7.00 at this link for each set of 50 addresses.  This is our regular Act Blue account for our donations.  We will know it's for your postcards though!  


5.  If we have to mail the cards to you please add an extra $7.00 for that postage.  But if the cost is too much for you please don't worry about it.  We want you to write the cards!


6.  And if you are able, please think about throwing in a little extra for the folks who can't.  Thank you!!  


7.  Please mail the postcards as you complete them.  However, we would like for you to have them all completed and mailed by the end of June.  


We look forward to working with you again!




And One More Thing:

Share our social media pages to make sure you and everyone you know is updated on our projects for this year’s critical elections.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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1 comentario

13 may

I will order some cards, but I have some feedback for you first. Believe it or not, many people will find the peculiar font at the top of the card (by Hi, Eleanor) difficult to read. I say this as a retired teacher. Many of the people we hope to reach were never taught cursive writing and can't read it. In addition, Biden's name is totally hidden. Make it BIG and Bold! Make it stand out from the rest of the text! Why doesn't it say, "Green City Clean Streets Brought to you by Joe Biden?" people won't even see his name before they toss the card.

Me gusta
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