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Nothing Can Stop Us!

Happy Tuesday, Activists! We hope you're off to a good start this week. We’ve been through a lot of strong activism together over the last many months, so now it’s time to take a breath and think about what our next steps will be. We know that despite last week's disappointing vote for democracy reform, it doesn’t mean the fight for real democracy is over. As others have said, it took 100 years to get rid of Jim Crow, and it will take more than a year to get rid of Jim Crow 2.0. And to be sure, saving democracy is front and center in Pennsylvania. For one thing, the country needs us to do everything we can to elect a Democrat to our vacant Senate seat. And for another, we need to keep democracy strong in PA by electing a Democrat to our governor’s seat. On that latter note, we hope you enjoyed our meeting last night with Attorney General Josh Shapiro. He sure gave us numerous insights into what his governing philosophy would be. And we're grateful he gave us so much time to answer the numerous questions from you all. If you had any doubt about working hard to get a Democrat elected governor this year, last night should have answered that question! So we sure have work to do. We know what we can accomplish when we put our minds to it and we need every one of you in the game with us for this year’s fight. We started working on this year's elections with our three Big Projects last year and we're going bigger and bolder than ever this year!

We’ll be holding our 2022 kickoff meeting in February and we’ll let you know the date very shortly. In the meantime, sign up now for our current projects to help get Philadelphia voters ready to vote in the Primary and General elections this year. You can write postcards, learn how to be a 35 Doors Neighborhood Leader, and use our messaging strategy to amplify the benefits of the Biden agenda passed so far. Each one of these really helps voters know they have a good reason to vote. Check them out below! If you want some amazingly inspiring words from Senator Raphael Warnock and Ezra Levin about continuing our push for voting rights, check out Friday's newsletter. Hear more from Ezra here.

THIS WEEK'S MESSAGING See our full Messaging explainer from a recent newsletter here. Use these short, strategic talking points when you’re talking to friends, family and neighbors and in your social media networks. Simply copy and paste them into your feeds. We need to promote Biden's accomplishments as much as possible! You can check out last week's list too. It's important right now that we recognize the Biden administration's accomplishments during their first year. It's an amazing list and this week's set has just a few. More next week! For Facebook, Twitter, and personal conversations: Remember #OneYearAgoInfrastructure Week was a running joke. Today – Thanks to President Biden, we’re repairing and rebuilding our roads, bridges, airports, and railways, and moving forward as a nation. Remember #OneYearAgo GOP legislatures tried to take away our healthcare. Today – Thanks to President Biden, more Americans than ever can see a doctor without worrying about going broke. Remember #OneYearAgoSurprise medical bills could wipe out your savings and force you into bankruptcy. Today Thanks to President Biden, you will no longer need to worry about a large bill from a doctor you didn’t choose. And One More Thing: You can keep yourself, friends, loved ones, and future activists informed by sharing our social media pages to make sure you and everyone you know is updated on our projects for this year’s critical elections. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

OUR 35 DOORS PROJECT – OUR TRAINING IS COMING UP! Want to save democracy?! Then our 35 Doors Project is a really powerful tool for you to get out the vote. Our Neighborhood Leaders are reaching out to their neighbors all over the city and talking to them about elections. And we need more of you! For all the info you need, come to our next 35 Doors Training on February 3 at 6:30 pm and we’ll answer your questions and give you the tools for success. Sign up here.

And more -- 1. Check out our website page devoted to our 35 Doors Project, see some of our neighborhood leaders in action, and read all about why this is such a successful program. 2. Check out our 35 Doors videos – here’s the long one and here’s the short one. 3. Finally, did you ever consider becoming a Committee Person? By joining our 35 Doors Project you’ll get a head start. You’ll be trained in how to do that job and you'll be meeting the very neighbors who will be voting for you when you run.

POSTCARDS! Write to Philly Voters More democracy-saving happening here! We are writing to every voter in Philadelphia who does not usually vote in midterm elections, to secure Democratic victories for the open U.S. Senate and PA Governor seats. Here’s how it works – The hand-written script is short plus you’ll also write the address. We recommend you order enough cards to write over the next month. Then we’ll have updated cards. The packet you receive will include the postcards and the list of addresses. We’ll email you all the instructions and the script. Please order your postcards in multiples of 50. We ask that you donate $7.00 per set of 50 postcards to cover our costs at this link. But don’t let the donation stop you from signing up. On the other hand, if you can, please consider chipping in a little extra to cover the cost for those who cannot. Here’s how to sign up – Email us at this link to tell us how many postcards you want. Purchase your 40-cent postcard stamps online at this link or at your local post office. Donate $7.00 per set of 50 postcards at this link. (Plus an extra $5.00 if we are shipping to you.) Here’s how to receive your postcards – If you are in the Philadelphia area, we will deliver them to you or you can pick them up. If you are outside the Philadelphia area, we can ship them to you. Please add $5.00 to your donation for shipping costs.

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