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Happy Tuesday, Activists! 


Great news!  Postcards!  This is our first project to get you started saving democracy, by educating voters about the great results of their vote in 2020. 


When Democrats won the trifecta in Washington in 2020 they voted in the most impactful legislation in generations.  Among these laws, the Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act. But most voters are unaware these laws exist, much less what they do in their lives.  So we need to tell them, and remind voters that these improvements show that their votes in 2020 mattered so much. 


It's been a lot of work but we are able to put it all together thanks to Ann, Drew, Marcia, Susan, Tish, and the hard-working folks at Indivisible national.  So here we go!




We know that Democrats passed laws with unprecedented funding for infrastructure and green energy.  We also know that most people have no idea that these were passed or what the funds are designed to do.  And we know that voters want to know what is being done to help them in their community and to improve their lives.  So we are going to tell them!


We have researched the infrastructure projects happening in Philadelphia right now as a result of the funding from these two laws.  And we have researched the exact projects happening in many, many neighborhoods around the city.  We have determined the area affected by any given project and selected the voters in that area to tell them about it.  We are writing to non-Republican voters who do not vote very often.


So with these postcards we will tell voters about what's happening in their communities -- and that it's because President Biden and Democrats got it done.  And we'll ask them to tell their friends and neighbors too.


Right now we're focusing on the water and green infrastructure projects, as you'll see on the card below.  Keep in mind that the point here is to give voters the detailed information that they want, to make decisions like voting.  So we have a little more to write this time than we normally do -- 7 lines of writing across the back of the card -- so  we give this information.


And after the postcards are mailed, we'll have a texting project to text the same voters with the same messaging.




1.  We are sending out addresses in SETS of 48.  I know we usually do 50 addresses but due to formatting issues we are switching to 48 for this project.  So tell us how many sets you want to write.

2.  We ask that you donate $7.00 at this link for each set of addresses. We will deliver the postcards to you and send you the addresses and script. 

3.  If we have to mail the cards to you please add an extra $7.00 for that postage.  But if that cost is too much for you please don't worry about it. We want you to write the cards!

4.  And if you are able, think about throwing in a little extra for the folks who can't.  Thank you!!

5.  Click here to order your postcards.  And tell us how many SETS of 48 cards that you want to write . And please give us your mailing/delivery address

6.  We would like for you to mail your completed cards by Tuesday April 9th.  And you can mail them as soon as you write them.


We look forward to working with you again!



And One More Thing:

Share our social media pages to make sure you and everyone you know is updated on our projects for this year’s critical elections.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter , and Instagram

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