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Progress Update: You're Doing Awesome!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Happy Saturday to all you fantastic postcard writers!

This week we have some great news about our Vote by Mail project, some updates on our progress, and some tips.  

First the tips. Be sure to:

1.  Mail out your postcards right away! We want to get the VBM message to voters as soon as possible so they sign up early.

2.  Please consider committing to writing a packet of 200 of the new postcards if you are outside Center City to the point that we need to drive or mail the packets to you. We are trying to reduce our delivery and mailing costs, so that would really help. You have until early October to finish them.

3.  Use our current script. It is copied below:

Dear [first name on address label]

You can now vote by mail. Voting from home is safe and easy!

Don’t wait! Sign up now for your mail-in ballot.

Here’s how:


Your vote is your voice!

Thanks. Your Philly neighbor,

[Your first name]


Here are the numbers to date: 

We are still crushing it! Remember, our original goal was 50,000 postcards.

15,500 – Average number of addresses we’re sending every week to you fabulous postcard writers. That’s up from 5,000 per week only a three weeks ago!

66  The number of Philly wards we’ve sent addresses for. That’s all of them!

635+  The number of our volunteers writing postcards.

92,000+  The number of postcard addresses we’ve sent out  to postcard writers so far.

50,000  The number of addresses we sent as part of our project to an artist postcard group in Ithaca, NY.

That’s a total of over 140,000 postcards – and counting . . . 

More good news – the postcards are working!

We have evidence already that voters are acting on our VBM message. First is anecdotal evidence of people receiving the postcards and signing up. Plus, the City Commissioners office tells us that they have received about 150 phone calls for VBM applications that they can confirm are from our postcards! We’ll keep working to find more detailed results information and keep you posted.


And speaking of progress – We’re just starting to send out our new artist-created postcards!. See our gorgeous new postcard below. We planned to roll out this card right after Labor Day. BUT we have sent out just about all 50,000 of the “Mailbox” postcards in only three weeks! So you may still receive “Mailbox” cards for another few days but after that it will be only the beautiful “Liberty Bell” postcard shown below.


We have exciting news! Next Sunday, August 16, you’ll get to meet the two amazing artists who started us off on commissioning our beautiful artist-created postcards. They are Anna Wolf and her partner Mike Perry. You can learn more about them and the two artists they found to create our cards here. Anna and Mike are amazing activists who have supported us all the way through, including helping fund the project and arranging all the printing, shipping, and discussions with the two artists who created the cards.

When: Sunday August 16, Noon to 2:00. Anna and Mike will be on our Zoom for part of the office hours and we’ll update you on exactly when they’ll arrive.

Where:  Zoom – The sign-up is in the Office Hours section below (it’s the same for every week). 


Tomorrow, and every Sunday, we’re having Office Hours! You can come to say hi, ask questions, write postcards together, meet some special guests, or just chat. It can be whatever you want it to be, so stop by and say hi! The Zoom sign-up is the same every week.

When:  Tomorrow, Noon to 2:00 pm.  See you then!

Where:  Join the Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 848 2869 3816

Password: 115073

One tap mobile



More good news! We are in the process of setting up regular phone banking parties! More details to come, but we will be calling the very people we are writing postcards to! We'll reinforce the message to sign up for VBM. Watch for more info in our regular Tuesday newsletters.


AKA you know at least three people as distressed as you are.

You are awesome! Our volunteer base has ballooned because you believed in the Power Of Three! We all want to know that when this election is over we did everything possible to remove the horror show from the White House, take back the Senate, and hold the House.  And you're getting it done.

Referring three friends for this project means that if each of your three friends writes just 100 postcards, we'll increase the number of voters we can reach by an additional 120,000 voters! Woo-hoo! This is how we're achieving our high progress numbers.

You can send us your friends’ names and email address or ask them to email us at this link and we’ll get them started.

One more easy thing you can do. Copy and paste the text below (including the web address) into a Facebook post. The link to our page to sign up for this project will automatically be embedded and your social media contacts can sign up easily. Here is the text to copy and paste:

Skip the lines. Fight voter suppression. Mail-in voting is how we will stop Trump. Join me and over 600 people writing postcards to voters to encourage Vote By Mail.


Thank you to Michele, Marie, Dave, and Barbara for sending your photos! Keep 'em coming, everybody!

Stay safe.   Stay inside.  Wear a mask.  Be kind.

~ In solidarity, the Indivisible Philadelphia VBM Team

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