Vote-by-Mail Campaign:

No Excuses Philly

THANK YOU to the thousands of volunteers who wrote more than half a million postcards this summer and fall! We originally set out to write at least 50,000 cards encouraging Democratic voters in Philly to vote by mail, and we've blown past our wildest expectations! 

Our Impact


When we launched our vote-by-mail project earlier this summer, we had no idea how successful it would be! We hoped to send at least 50,000 postcards to Democratic voters in Philly, encouraging them to vote by mail and keep our elections safe. Here's what we accomplished!

  • 365,450 vote-by-mail and GOTV postcards & addresses sent to our writers

  • 44,550 voter registration addresses sent to our writers

  • 50,000 GOTV addresses we sent as part of our project to a group in Ithaca, NY

  • GRAND TOTAL: 510,000 postcards!

We'll be crunching data once the election results are in, and will report back on the results of all this hard work--how many of our postcard recipients signed up to vote by mail, or made it to the polls in person. We're particularly interested to see if we've gotten bumps from people who sat out the last few elections! Stay tuned.

What Now?


We've sent off our final batches of postcards and addresses to those already enrolled as volunteers, but it's not too late to make an impact in other ways! 

  1. Sign up for phone banking from now through the election; we're following up with some of the recipients of our postcards to be sure they get out to vote! See the list of dates here.

  2. Find volunteer opportunities on election day; see a list of options here.

  3. All those postcards cost money to print! If you want to help support this project, give us resources for future actions, and get yourself some swag while you're at it, please consider making a donation on our Merch page!


Our Community

The outpouring of support from across our community, and across the country, was overwhelming! Thank you to everybody who participated

  • More than 1,606 individual volunteers wrote postcards.

  • Volunteers came from 35 states other than Pennsylvania!

  • The amazing team of artists, illustrators, and designers who created our custom postcards are based in Brooklyn, and wanted to make a difference here! Learn more about them.


Sign Up


We're no longer accepting new volunteers for the postcarding project. But there is still so much you can do in the final weeks before the election; sign up for our weekly newsletter to keep up to date on the latest actions and opportunities.