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The Ballots Are Coming!

Happy Friday, Activists! We hope you're ending your week on a high note. Did you get your Primary ballot in the mail yet? There's good information on that below. Your job besides voting -- remind three friends to vote! If they have questions you can forward them this email. For voter questions, send them to our handy link:

CALL TO ACTION - CANCEL STUDENT DEBT! On the good news front, at a meeting on Monday with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, President Biden affirmed that he was looking at options to forgive some amount of federal student loan debt (here’s coverage), a step forward from his previous actions to pause payments. Of course, there's a catch: President Biden previously indicated support for canceling just $10,000 in student debt. This is a great start but it is not enough. And by the way, this is not a gift to the wealthy. This analysis from the Roosevelt Institute (PDF) shows that increasing the amount of debt forgiveness from $10k to $50k results in huge benefits for lower- and middle-wealth households, while providing nearly no additional benefit to the wealthiest Americans (surprise, rich people don't have student debt!). So now -- you know what to do because you're champions! 1. Call or email Senator Casey and ask him to tell President Biden to cancel at least $50,000 in student debt. 2. Call or email the White House and to tell President Biden to use his existing legal authorities via executive action to cancel at least $50,000 in student debt. Sen. Casey: Phila office 215-405-9660; D.C. 202-224-6324; email link

For outside PA: Find your Senators’ phone numbers and emails at this link. Call the White House comment line: 202-456-1111, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 11 am-3 pm Eastern. Email the White House at

MAY 17 PRIMARY - GET READY! Ballots for the Primary have been mailed! You may have received yours already and if not, yours is likely on the way if you signed up again for mail-in voting this year. To check on it to make sure, check your status at this link. Know your deadlines: May 2 – Last Day to register before the Primary - Hurry! May 10 – Last Day to apply for a Mail-in or Absentee Ballot - Do it now. May 17 – Primary Election Day – polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm May 17 – Last Day for County Election Board to receive your Mail-in or Absentee Ballot by 8:00 pm Ballot Question #1 One of the ballot questions we have the most questions about is the first one, regarding the Zoning Board of Adjustments. This board makes decisions about which developments are approved across the city. This proposal would expand the size of the board, the backgrounds of the members, but importantly also would give City Council more control over the board. You should read the details about it in this very good explainer from Billy Penn. Find all the links for your voting needs at our one-stop election info source – Check out all four ballot questions – Read the ballot questions and short explainers here, in English, Spanish, and Chinese, on the Commissioners website. You can vote on these ballot questions even if you are not a registered Democrat or Republican. Election Mail Ballot protocols, Office Hours, Drop Boxes at this link. Your Sample Ballot -- Check it out here. Know your candidates - national and local - Find the complete guide to the election here with bios of all the candidates. Read more background and color commentary here.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT - SENATE CANDIDATE FORUM We held a really informative forum this week featuring the three Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate. If you missed it you can watch it here. Thanks to everyone who came out! We hope you learned a lot.

TALK TO VOTERS WITH US! First -- Get involved with our very successful 35 Doors Project! We have many Neighborhood Leaders out there now talking to their neighbors about this year's elections. It's the most effective way to get out the vote! We'll give you all the tools you need. Learn about it here and find out more and sign up here. Check out all of the voter outreach events and sign up at this link. Read about them in Tuesday's newsletter at this link. More dates coming soon!

MATCHING GRANT PROGRAM GOOD NEWS! You came through again! Thanks to your generosity we have reached the $500 limit for the Indivisible matching grant program! Without you we could never do this work and we are so grateful for your support as well as all your very hard work.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Know someone with TikTok skills? We can use their talents! Email us here with a suggestion.

And One More Thing: Share our social media pages to make sure you and everyone you know is updated on our projects for this year’s critical elections. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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