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The New Postcards Are In!

Happy Monday, Activists! We have good news! First, Ann did the math and it turns out you’ve written over 88,000 postcards to our specially selected Philadelphia voters! Our plan has been to write to them twice - the first time between February and August and you did it - so take a bow! You'll remember that these are the folks who are not registered Republicans and who voted in 2020 but not in 2018. So they don't normally vote in midterm elections, and we want to persuade them to change their habit and vote this year. So now's our time to get that done with the second half of the plan, with our beautiful GOTV postcards! Research shows that a "second touch" postcard improves the chances they'll turn out to vote. If you're worried about this year's elections, if you're upset about the horrible Supreme Court rulings and the MAGA Republicans running in PA, then we have the answer. Write postcards and persuade these voters to get out and vote this year! It's not only productive, it's the antidote to your anxiety. Read below to get started!


You might recognize this beautiful card from 2020 when we used it to great success. We’ll be writing them now and holding them until right before the November 8th election. We'll let you know the exact mailing date later on. Please order as many as you think you can write over the next three months. Here’s how to sign up – 1. Email us at this link to tell us how many postcards you want. 2. Donate $7.00 per set of 50 postcards at this link. (Plus an extra $5.00 if we are shipping to you.). But don’t let the donation stop you from signing up. On the other hand, if you can, please consider chipping in a little extra to cover the cost for those who cannot. 3. Purchase your 44-cent postcard stamps online at this link or at your local post office. Here’s how you'll receive your postcards – If you are in the Philadelphia area, we will deliver them to you or you can pick them up. If you are outside the Philadelphia area, we can ship them to you. Please add $5.00 to your donation for shipping costs.


Let's keep up the momentum around the Dobbs ruling, exposing the broader right-wing strategy to undermine our rights, and keep people focused on the impact it's having on real people.

Personalize and share today’s Message both online and offline.

Here is this week's message -- Freedom MATTERS to me. So I don’t get why right-wing pundits keep dismissing our outrage about #SCOTUS stripping away our rights. I say forcing people to give birth is criminal, and just the beginning. Speak up for freedom! #TruthBrigade Click to Tweet the message HERE! Click to Post on FB HERE!

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