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Get Out The Vote for Halloween

We’re down to the wire, activists. I saw something the other day about trying to convince Harrisburg to enact reasonable gun safety regulation.  But you know what it really takes to get this legislation passed in a Republican-controlled legislature -  we need to Vote. Them. Out.  Then we'll hold the new legislature accountable.  NOW is the time to move voters to the polls to flip local areas blue, so they are better positioned to flip Harrisburg in 2020.  Not surprisingly, we have the actions for you to do that!  See you at postcards or canvassing!


We’re bringing out the Halloween stickers again this year to tell grown-up trick or treaters where to find their polling place.  Print them, cut them out, and tape or stick to your Halloween candy as a reminder.  They’re so cute!


On Thursday, the House will vote on a resolution to establish the rules and procedures for the next phase of the impeachment inquiry already underway.  The vote will ensure transparency and determine how committees will ultimately give their information to the House Judiciary Committee to write and vote on eventual articles of impeachment.  Sen. Toomey – Phila office 215-241-1090; D.C. office 202-224-4254; email link Sen. Casey – Phila office 215-405-9660; D.C. office 202-224-6324; email link Rep. Evans – D.C. office 202-225-4001; Phila. office (215) 276-0340; email link Rep. Boyle – D.C. office (202) 225-6111; Phila office (215) 335-3355; email link Call our Representatives - Thank them for standing for impeachment and remind them you’ve got their backs.  Ask them to call for a vote on articles of impeachment before Thanksgiving.   Call our Senators - *  For Senator Casey, tell him you want him to speak out loudly and firmly about the need for a fair and open impeachment trial in the Senate.  *  For Senator Toomey, tell him he needs to remember the oath he took to support and defend the Constitution. Ask whether he will support a fair and open trial in the Senate to hear all the evidence and hold Trump accountable for his actions. 


We will hold an IMPEACHMENT RALLY the night before the House votes on articles of impeachment, whenever that is (NOT this week, but maybe close to Thanksgiving).  You can go to the event page here and sign up.  It will be held at Thomas Paine Plaza across from City Hall.

Election Alert – Here is your election info:

Click here to see sample ballots by district.  Committee of Seventy has made it easy to see exactly what your ballot will look like on this election guide page.  You can also find your polling place. Enter your address and you can see descriptions of the ballot initiatives we’ll be asked to vote on, so check it out and be informed before you head into the voting booth.TODAY – Last day to apply for absentee ballot.  Do it here online today!Tuesday, November 5 – ELECTION DAY 



Mark your calendar for Thursday, November 14th.  We're coordinating a tour of the Notorious RBG exhibit at the National Museum of American Jewish History starting at 6:00 pm, and then going to a nearby pub for a happy hour after, at about 7:00 pm.  More details to follow for buying tickets and where we'll meet up.


Saving Democracy, one postcard at a time.

Want to #DitchMitch???  We still have postcards to send to Kentucky voters to remind them to vote straight Democratic ticket.  It will get them in practice for next year when McConnell is up for re-election.  And any statewide wins now will help money flow to Dems for 2020.   We’re also writing to Pennsylvania voters for local candidates.  Come out and meet a lot of great people! As usual, we supply the postcards, scripts, addresses and pens.  All you do is come with your writing hand and good humor.  And bring a friend!  If you sign up and then find you can’t make itplease email us and let us know.  We depend on having the right count! If you can, bring $5.00 to help defray the cost of postcards. CARDS & COFFEE                              

When:  TOMORROW, October 30, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Where: OCF Coffee House, 2100 Fairmount Ave. RSVP here.


When:  TONIGHT, 6-8 pm Where: Vicki Miller’s house (Graduate Hospital area). The exact address will be at the bottom of the confirmation email under Additional Information.   RSVP here.


We have one more weekend to canvass!  By now you know how important Delaware County is in this election, here is an article that makes the case too.  Delco is one of the keys to success in 2020 in PA, and therefore nationally.  PA is one of the most important states for the 2020 election and if we flip Delaware County blue now it will build support for the state and national elections in 2020.  Canvassing is the gold standard to get out the vote. Each canvass will start with a short training.   When:  Sunday, November 3 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm Where:  Upper Darby, starting at 831 Concord Avenue, Drexel Hill, PA 19026. RSVP here.  Need a ride? Email us here.  The carpool will leave Philly at 12:15.

Signed up but can’t make it? Email us here.  We depend on having the right count!

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