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Very Grateful

Happy Friday, Activists!


We hope you're having a good week.  And we hope you had a wonderful Hannukah, and will have a fantastic Christmas and Kwanzaa.  And of course a fantastic Festivus for all who celebrate.


But seriously, during this holiday time of year we often express our gratitude for the people and things who have meant so much to us.  And we want to do just that and tell you how much we appreciate you and are grateful that you are in this movement with us.


We all accomplished so much this year - postcards, canvassing, phone banking, registering voters - and got the results!  All of the Democrats running for statewide judicial seats, who we promoted in postcards and canvassing, won!  This is the power of grassroots organizing and YOU all did it!  Truly, we can't thank you enough.


We'll have the results of our postcard project once the new voter registration and voting records come out.  




We want to recognize the very hard, never-ending work and enthusiasm of our Team Leaders.  They are working all the time, planning, organizing and creating our projects and outreach.  Here they are!

Our main leadership team is our Steering Committee -- Ann, Matt, Drew, Meg, Roopa and Vicki.  Woo-hoo! 

Our Postcard leadership team is Ann, Susan, and Tish  Shout-out to them!! 

Our Voter Registration leadership team is Lisa, Marcia, Nancy and Rebekah.  GO team!!

Our Social Media Leader is Matt!  Check it out - it's amazing!!

Our data team is Drew and Joan.  Going for it!!

Our webmaster is Kerry.  SO good! 


Many of you know them and have worked with them.  They are just amazing and we don't know where we would be without them. It's a team effort with them and with all of you.


And the past few weeks have had a couple of super nice items for our group.  More of that below.  Again, the recognition would not be possible without all of your hard work,.



An Inquirer article out last week worries, given the perilous times we're in, whether the "Trump Resistance" groups started in 2017 are still giving it their all to fight to defeat the dictator-wannabe in 2024.  Indivisible Philadelphia is featured in the article, which describes how we're still out there doing the work!  Congratulations ya'll!!  


None of our mission happens without you!  And guess what -- we will win in 2024!


And . . .  in a statewide acknowledgement of our work, we were honored with City & State PA's "50 Over 50" award. Recently at the ceremony Vicki Miller was lucky to receive the award and it was a lot of fun. Check it out here.   Again, we would never receive this recognition without all of your support and hard, hard work. We can't thank you enough!  




So, with all that, please have a wonderful holiday season and we'll see you in the New Year.  We'll have plenty of projects planned and will be rolling them out soon.  So take a rest now!  We'll need all of our energy next year!



Talk to voters in your neighborhood to get out the vote.  This is some of the most important work you can do - and it's fun!  Check out our 35 Doors Project on our website page!  Email us here for more info. 


We'll give you the training and all the materials you'll need.  Vicki will tell you all about it!

We'll give you the training and all the materials you'll need.  Vicki will tell you all about it!

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