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We're Getting Out The Vote!

Happy Friday, Activists! We hope you've had a great week! Today we're refreshing our lineup of actions you can take to get out the vote in November, and correcting the date on one of them. Voters need to know how important this election is! So we have many opportunities for you to help get out the vote. Take your pick and get in the game! But first, we are in the period where Indivisible is giving us a matching grant! Until the end of October Indivisible will match every donation dollar for dollar up to a total of $500. So your donation will go twice as far!! You can donate here. And thank you for supporting our mission!

VOTE BY MAIL PHONE BANKS Our friends at Promote The Vote PA are holding phone banks to talk to voters about voting by mail. These phone calls are great and you are helping save democracy! There will be training and support during the entire phone bank, which is on zoom. There are a variety of dates, so sign up here for one that suits you. You can even invite friends and do it "together!"

JOIN OUR TEXTING PARTY! We'll have a texting party on Thursday, October 26th from 6-8 pm - both on zoom or in person. This will be fun! We'll be texting to Philadelphia voters to remind them to vote on November 7th. We'll be doing it on zoom and in a private home, in case you prefer to be in person. We'll send you the address once you sign up. You can pick your location, and we'll all see each other on zoom. We'll use an internet-based platform for the texting, so you won't use your phone, your phone number, or any identifying information about you. This type of texting is easy and fun. We'll have a training first and support from moderators throughout the evening. So join us! We'll send more details as we get closer to the date but sign up for whichever location you want - in your own home or in person in Center City. We'll send you the zoom link closer to the event. When: Thursday, October 26th 6:00 to 8:00 pm. (this is the corrected date :) ) Sign up to attend on zoom from your home. Sign up for the in-person party at a home in Center City.

CANVASS WITH US IN BUCKS COUNTY You'll recall that we've held meetings on the Moms For Liberty MAGA school board members that have infiltrated some of the Bucks County school boards. So we need to get out the vote for the Democrats running for school board to unseat the MAGA extremists. We'll have a carpool set up to drive up there. Let us know if you need a ride!! When: Saturday, October 21 at noon Sign up here. and let's get back to sanity in Bucks County!

CANVASS WITH THE PA DEMS IN NORTH PHILLY The PA Dems are canvassing on weekends in North Philadelphia near Temple University. So if you live near there, this is the canvass for you! There are a variety of dates and times, so sign up for a ones that works for you. Sign up here.

TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBORS -- 35 DOORS PROJECT! Talk to voters in your neighborhood to get out the vote. This is some of the most important work you can do - and it's fun! Check out our 35 Doors Project on our website page! Email us here for more info. We'll give you the training and all the materials you'll need. Vicki will tell you all about it!

And One More Thing: Share our social media pages to make sure you and everyone you know is updated on our projects for this year’s critical elections. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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