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The American Rescue Plan: What It Means to You

The American Rescue Plan was passed in early 2021, with zero Republican support. It shows just how important the Democratic wins in 2020 really are!  It's essential that we let our friends, family, and communities know just how it benefits them, and why voting matters.

Benefits for Pennsylvanians

Benefits for Pennsylvanians

The American Rescue Plan will provide direct cash payments and tax credits to help those hit hardest by the pandemic feed their families, pay their bills, and keep a roof over their heads; immediate aid to protect essential workers and ramp up testing and vaccine production and distribution; and get our schools reopened safely and quickly. Here are some highlights from a great fact sheet from the American Federation of Teachers.

Help for Families

•  $1.2 billion in desperately needed child care relief funding.

•  $1,400 cash payments to 8.1 million adults and 2.8 million children. This is 86% of all adults in the state and 84% of all children in the state.

•  Child tax credit expansion. Increases the maximum credit from $2,000 to $3,000 for each child age 6 and older, and $3,600 for each child under age 6. This would help 5 million people. It will lift 140,000 children out of poverty in the state and overall will benefit 90% of Pennsylvania’s children under 18.

•  Earned income tax credit expansion. The American Rescue Plan triples the maximum EITC amount. This will help 743,000 workers in Pennsylvania.

•  Paid sick and family leave through credits to employers that offer emergency paid sick and family leave.

•  Enhanced unemployment insurance benefits. The plan provides $300 per week in unemployment insurance through Sept. 6, coupled with tax relief for most beneficiaries.


Essential Funding for Healthcare and Public Welfare

•  Lowers or eliminates premiums for millions who buy insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

•  100 percent subsidies for continuation of job-based health coverage (COBRA) for workers who have lost jobs.

•  $80 billion for COVID-19 testing and tracing, manufacturing and procurement of PPE, and vaccine distribution.

•  $8.5 billion for rural healthcare.

•  $4 billion for mental health and substance use disorder services, treatment, and prevention.

•  $140 million to support the mental health of healthcare professionals and public safety officers.

•  Hazard pay: State and local aid can be used to provide "premium pay" to essential workers.

Aid to States, Cities, Towns, and Tribes

•  More than $13.7 billion in state and local aid for Pennsylvania.


Help for Schools and Colleges

•  $5 billion in K-12 funding and $338 million in COVID-19 testing for schools.

•  $1.3 billion for PA colleges and universities to make higher education safe.

More Resources

  • To find out how to apply for specific benefits, check out these great fact sheets. They will direct you to resources for tax relief, child care resources, and more: 

Pages from ARP-FAQ-Individual-and-Family
More Resources
What's Next

What's Next?

We can't be complacent. The American Rescue Plan is just the first step in an equitable recovery from Covid-19. Educate yourself, spread the word in your community, and hold our leaders accountable.

  • Vote! Every election counts, not just the presidential years. 2022 will be a key election  to keep Democrats in power. 

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