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Let's Thank Congressman Boyle!

Happy Monday Activists! We hope you had a good weekend. If you've read the new Indivisible Guide, you know that, after the mid-terms and before next year's elections, we need to encourage our Democratic Members of Congress to go bold, and to call out Republican misinformation and hypocrisy, and to push hard for the legislation we need. Lucky for us, Congressman Brendan Boyle (PA-02), as Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, has done just that last week. He has released a letter asking his House colleagues to make a commitment to oppose the MAGA Default Crisis, and refuse any cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or other programs families rely on. The letter asks them to sign on to a letter to Speaker McCarthy demanding that, after all his false posturing about the debt, he put a bill on the floor to raise the debt ceiling. We know we need to hold our Representatives accountable. And sometimes, like now, we also need to thank them when they take that extra step. So we'll thank Congressman Boyle for going bold, authoring this "Dear Colleague" letter to push his colleagues to sign on to the letter to McCarthy. He's also giving interviews and pushing the matter. And lucky for you, we have the actions you need to do just that! See below!

HOW TO THANK CONGRESSMAN BOYLE Congressman Boyle has demanded that Speaker McCarthy start "prompt floor consideration of legislation to raise the debt ceiling without any extraneous policies attached". You can read the letter at this link. And here's an article and interview with Boyle to promote his message to Republicans. We want to thank him in two ways -- 1. Send him a "Thank You" note. Here is the link to the document. You can fill it out in a couple of ways: 1) Type your message on your screen and save it and email it back to us at this link, OR 2) Print it out, hand write your message, scan it and email it to us at this link. We will print them out and deliver them to him. 2. Join our visit to his office on Friday, March 17th at 1:00 p.m. to deliver the Thank You cards! It is the perfect day to do this because, as St. Patrick's Day, it is part of the Irish heritage Congressman Boyle is so proud of, as his parents were Irish immigrants. Email us at this link if you want to come!

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