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Take Your Pick

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you."

~ Perecles, Greek Statesman

Happy Friday, Activists! We hope your week has been a good one. Perecles' message above might remind you of people you know who think that if they "stay out of politics" it can't affect them. But we know that's not true. That's why we are all in this together! Whatever you can do to take action in politics now will have a big impact on the outcome of this year's elections. And of course we have a lot of actions for you to pick from. Go here to see them plus those at the bottom of this email and take your pick. You'll thank yourself on November 9, knowing that you were part of making politics work for all of us.


See all of our canvassing, phone banking, text banking, and voter registration events at this link. We're adding more every day. Here are a couple of new ones. Voter Registration NEW! Women's March See more below. The march begins at Eakins Oval in front of the Art Museum and goes down the Parkway to City Hall. We'll be registering voters there! When: Saturday, October 8, noon-2:00 pm Where: Meet at the Rocky Statue Sign up here. NEW!! Woodlands Craft Fest When: Saturday September 24, 11:00 am-1:00 pm Where: 4000 Woodlands Ave. Sign up here.


Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is holding a rally here in Philly tomorrow at 11:00. The rally will be held at the Dorothy Emanual Rec Center, 8500 Pickering Street, Philly, 19150. Here's the sign-up link for all the details:


Our next meeting is October 6 at 6:30 pm on zoom. And we have a special guest! Ezra Levin will join us to talk about getting out the vote in the last stages of the election cycle. And we'll talk about our strategy from now until November 8. We'll also go over the importance of signing up to be a poll worker and otherwise help out on Election Day. You'll hear from experts all about exactly what the job entails, how to sign up, and other details. We love to see you, so come and say hi! Sign up here for our October Meeting.


The Women's March is in Philly again, on October 8, noon to 2:00 pm. Be part of this national day of action to help us send the message: Women demand our rights. The march will go from the Washington Monument Fountain in front of Philadelphia’s Art Museum to City Hall. Women all around the country are uniting for a fall of reckoning. We will not sit back and accept the attacks on our families, future, and our freedom. You can sign up here.

35 Doors Project! Talk to voters in your neighborhood to get out the vote. This is some of the most important work you can do - and it's fun! Check out our 35 Doors Project! Email us here for more info. Postcards! You may have seen our recent announcement of our Get Out The Vote postcards. Read all about it here. Sign up here!

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